International Medical Graduates

Thank you for expressing an interest in Prince Edward Island.   Normally, to obtain a licence in Prince Edward Island, you are required to have  (1) the Medical Council of Canada evaluating exam   (2) the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying exams Part I and Part II and  (3) to have Canadian qualifications and clinical experience.  You can check the Government website at

If you are an International Medical Graduate without Canadian qualifications, to work here you need to have a job offer from the Government.  If you are uncertain as to whether or not you possess the necessary qualifications, please forward a copy of your CV to the Physician Recruitment Coordinator with the Department of Health and Wellness, at, who will review your application to assess your suitability for current vacancies in the province.


Basic Requirements (Copies of):

1.            M.D. Degree Certificate


Evidence of degree standing or other registrable qualifications

2.            LMCC License Number     ____________ (photocopy of certificate required)

if not:

Qualifying Examination Part I  _______

Qualifying Examination Part II _______

3.            Certificate (if applicable):

Family Medicine/CCFP

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeon of Canada

Other Specialist Certificates

4.            Certificate of Conduct from each jurisdiction in which the physician held a licence or practised medicine in the previous five years, including Educational Licences. Certificates are only good for three months from the time they are dated by the issuing authority and should be sent directly to us from the licensing body.

5.            If being sponsored, a letter to College confirming position, location and dates of work on P.E.I.


Additional Requirements (Originals required):

1.            Complete Application Form (P.E.I. College)

2.            C.V. consisting of a chronological list of professional appointments and qualifications

3.            Notarized Photo (taken within the last three years)

4.            Birth Certificate (or other evidence of date of birth) clear copy

5.            Evidence of legal entitlement to live and work in Canada

6.            Payment:  (May change without notice)


Registration (once only) $300.00
Documentation/Credentialing Fee $100.00 (Can.) -$400.00 (IMG)
Updating Credentialing Fee $100.00
Full Year License Fee $1665.00
Locum Tenens (for up to ten consecutive weeks) $410.00
Each additional week up to a max of 16 $40.00
Medical Education – (For Residents only- if prescribing) $50.00
Out of Province Registered Consultant $50.00


Please see below for further Requirements for International Medical Graduates:

It is also necessary for an IMG applying for full time licence to have their documents verified by EICS/PCRC,to have successfully passed the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Exam and to have up to date Certificates of Conduct.